Colosseum is where your global distribution gets done

We provide unlimited resources to assist you in making optimal decisions for reaching customers worldwide. Our strategies aim to minimize shipping costs and transit times for your success in global markets.
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Split inventory
across fulfillment centers based
on where customers are located

Global inbound/outbound warehouses strategically situated near airports and seaports,
serving as a vital hub for import and export logistics

Feel free to leverage key hub centers
we’ve already secured

We have a hub center ready for your expansion into Korea and US.
Just walk into our facilities.

Anywhere in the world, There must be
the warehouses that fits your needs

We can find the right center optimized
for your brands and products
in just a few weeks, not months

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We can even create something out of nothing

A comprehensive solution from center design to construction and operation, considering logistics processes, distribution channels, location, and the appropriate investment size

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Ship from anywhere to everywhere,
all roads lead to Colosseum

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Discounts with global major shipping carriers

We negotiate discounted rates with major shipping carriers such as UPS, DHL, USPS, and FedEx. By partnering with us, you’ll save more on international shipping costs

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Multi shipping options
are available

From origin to door steps
first to last, ensured on-time delivery

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Dispatching, Scheduling, Tracking – Not a big deal

Effortlessly manage a wide range of tasks with COLO
and simplify complex operations with ease
from scheduling regular and irregular B2B bulk shipments
to handling repetitive and time-consuming processes
like tracking and forwarding dispatch

We offer trade advisory and documentation assistant service for customs clearance

Experience seamless and secure freight handling with us, our experts are here to guide you through every step of the way

Service scope

  • Import-Export customs clearance manuals
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Documentation management
  • Transit Documents
  • Electronic Trade Documents
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