Unified handling of transportation, storage,
and dispatch operations in a single process

B2B Logistics
B2B Logistics

B2B warehousing services

Entire lease

Entire warehouses lease to execute the most efficient processing
for products characteristics and volume

B2B Logistics

Storage only warehouse

Providing extra storage capacity for bulk manufacturing and procurement

B2B Logistics

Utilizing multi warehouses

Multiple warehouses according to your specific needs for location and temperature

B2B Logistics

B2B Shipment services

On/off line distribution channels

  • On and offline distribution channels such as Amazon, Shopify, Coupang, Shopee, etc
  • Compliance with platform-specific shipment guidelines
B2B Logistics

Manufacturing and procurement

  • Inbound shipment from the product origin location
  • Supporting inbound operations with careful attention to accurate inspection and quality control processes
B2B Logistics

Small and medium sized franchise logistics

  • Outbound warehouse for the purpose of nationwide distribution hub
B2B Logistics

B2B Integrated logistics solutions

We work towards a comprehensive approach to solve B2B logistics challenges
and we propose optimal solutions to maximize utility by identifying
exact pain points in customer operations, including centers, deliveries, solutions, and operations

B2B Logistics