Fastest scale-up
with the enterprise-grade distribution channels

Expand your distribution center anywhere you desire
quickly through Colosseum’s global warehouses.
Get a direct access to limitless range of logistics providers
with a single point.

Global Logistics Networks

Globally expanding warehouse network

We have firmly established warehouse network in South Korea and we are expanding it on a global scale

Global Logistics Networks

South Korea

Warehouse in S.Korea
Storage space


Warehouse in S.Korea

140,000 ㎡

Storage space

100,000 PLT


Global Logistics Networks


US, Japan, Taiwan


US, Japan, Taiwan


Schedule to be expanded
(Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand)

Specialized warehouses for
all products and distribution channels

Experience our tailored packaging and outbound process, designed with specialized infrastructure to fulfill a variety of temperature needs and product categories

Value-added packaging

  • Custom and Brand packaging
  • Sticker, Barcode, Labeling
  • Curation box, Gift set
Global Logistics Networks

Seoul Gangseo, Gyeonggi Gwangju

Cold and frozen temperature

  • 24/7 temperature monitor
  • All temperature range
  • Room, Cool, Frozen, Ultra low
  • Temperature-controlled packaging area
Global Logistics Networks

Gyeonggi Pyeongtaek 1

Controlled temperature and humidity

  • Specialized for books/magazines category
  • Maintain specific temperature and humidity by product
Global Logistics Networks

Gyeonggi Pyeongtaek 1

Dangerous and hazardous goods

  • Strictly comply with safety regulations & rules by classification
  • Specialized for Lithium batteries, EVB(Electric Vehicle Battery)
Global Logistics Networks

Gyeonggi Pyeongtaek 2

Micro Fulfillment Center(MFC)

  • Same-day and early morning delivery
  • Metropolitan area-centered MFC
Global Logistics Networks

Gyeonggi Pangyo

Import and export process

  • Bonded goods and cargo storage
  • Customs clearance assist
Global Logistics Networks

Incheon Yeongjong

US market distribution

  • Connect local couriers and support US distribution expansion
  • Specialized warehouse for cosmetic goods
Global Logistics Networks


End-to-end shipment
with 100% visibility

Comprehensive shipment range from origin
to consumer with real-time tracking system

  • First Mile: Air/Sea forwarding
  • Middle Mile: Cargo truck
  • Last Mile: Courier
Global Logistics Networks

Expedites global shipments through
a leading carrier alliance

We swiftly and securely link brands and consumers across borders, securing a competitive edge in speed and accuracy
through our comprehensive shipping options.

Global Logistics Networks

Strong Alliance with top shipping carriers

Fast and secure shipping services from global to local destinations, offering leading courier services