Skincare brand for moms and babies, 1centi


Hello. Could you please introduce yourself?

Skincare brand for moms and babies, 1centi

Hello. I'm Jang Woosung, the CEO of 1centi Co., Ltd.

What kind of company is 1centi Co., Ltd.? Please introduce the brand.

1centi is a baby kids brand that produces and sells skincare products, aiming to provide everything clean for all the children in the world.

Can you tell us about the background of creating the baby product brand, 1centi?

Skincare brand for moms and babies, 1centi

Personally, I noticed through various articles and media that while the annual birth rate is decreasing, the cost of raising and educating one child is increasing. Despite this social trend, I believed there was still a significant demand for baby products in the market. Considering this, I thought there would be a good chance for success as an e-commerce seller in the baby product market. Consequently, I naturally launched the baby product brand, 1centi.

Tell us about 1centi's representative products.

Skincare brand for moms and babies, 1centi

Among the high-moisture skincare products for moms and babies, our representative products are the Heartleaf Ampoule and Lotion. These are based on the excellent soothing effect of Heartleaf, ensuring that even newborns can use them with confidence.

We removed all irritating ingredients to make it safe for both sensitive postpartum skin and baby skin. Without allergens or irritating ingredients such as fragrances, these products not only ensure safety for both moms and babies but also create a strong moisture barrier with Heartleaf, keeping the skin moisturized even in dry environments.

Skincare brand for moms and babies, 1centi

In addition to skincare products, we have knee pads for toddlers. These knee pads are designed to minimize the impact on the growth plates during the crucial period of a child's growth. Made with a 2-layer special foam, the fabric wrapping around the knees is crafted in a spider-web structure, providing excellent breathability and flexibility for comfortable wear, even during extended periods.

It's noteworthy that 1centi offers skincare ampoules that both mothers and babies can use. Could you tell us about the history behind the development of this product?

Typically, newborns experience atopic dermatitis called "Tae-yeol" around 2-4 months after birth. Although the exact cause is not yet known, it manifests as redness and small bumps on various parts of the baby's body, such as the face, cheeks, forehead, behind the ears, and inner thighs.

Being attentive to children, I often encountered articles about the discomfort suffered by babies due to severe wounds, rashes, oozing, etc. I wanted to develop a product that could alleviate this discomfort. During the planning phase of cosmetics, when conducting sample tests with the Heartleaf ingredient, I felt that it caused the least irritation to sensitive skin among all the tested ingredients.

For this reason, we decided to launch the ampoule and lotion based on the Heartleaf ingredient. While communicating with cosmetic manufacturers, we learned that Heartleaf had excellent effects on moisturizing and soothing the skin. Surprisingly, despite its effectiveness, it had not been widely commercialized.

How has logistics been handled since the launch of 1centi?

Initially, when we started selling baby products, we handled logistics internally. During the initial stages of the brand launch, the sales volume was not significant, so it didn't pose a major problem. However, as the sales volume increased, the time spent on logistics increased, making it difficult to create an environment to focus on essential tasks such as planning and manufacturing products or marketing.

At that time, I decided that even if it cost a little more, I needed to use a third-party logistics company to manage logistics effectively. Starting with another 3PL logistics company at that time, due to the lack of logistics solutions, we switched to a different outsourcing company. Since then, we have been using Colosseum Fulfillment.

What led you to choose Colosseum Fulfillment?

Skincare brand for moms and babies, 1centi

The reason for choosing Colosseum was the development of their in-house e-commerce optimized logistics solution. Although other 3PL companies provided solutions, the logistics solution I envisioned was not just about whether it was integrated into the shopping mall platform or not. I believed that the system should be designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for actual users to use.

When I looked at Colosseum's website and service introduction, I felt that the system was designed very effectively with a simple interface that allows bulk order collection with a few clicks. Also, the ability to track real-time shipping status and integrate logistics-related tasks within the solution, such as automatic shipping label registration, provided a significant convenience. I thought this system would help the macro perspective of business growth, and ultimately, I chose Colosseum.

While using Colosseum, have you experienced improvements in efficiency?

Skincare brand for moms and babies, 1centi

When using the previous three-party logistics outsourcing, managing orders collected from different platforms was inconvenient due to a lack of organic connection in the logistics process. It was cumbersome to download Excel files for each platform and manually compile them according to the template provided by the outsourcing company for shipping information. Moreover, during the shipping cutoff time, the complex procedures often led to interruptions or distractions from the tasks I was focusing on.

After using Colosseum, I could issue shipping instructions with just a few clicks, making it easy to concentrate on the work. Furthermore, the solution provided automation of tasks such as automatic shipping label registration and real-time tracking of transportation status, streamlining logistics-related work and increasing convenience significantly.

What aspects of the logistics process have been improved through Colosseum?

In the course of my work, there are often occasions where I have to visit manufacturing factories or attend meetings, and handling external tasks outside the office makes it challenging to ship products on time according to the shipping cutoff time. However, after using Colosseum, I can easily process shipments using only a tablet from anywhere, not just a laptop.

With the COLO logistics solution optimized for a web environment based on mobile devices, I can complete the shipping process in just 5 minutes, providing greater flexibility in handling shipments even when adjusting external schedules.

Colosseum provides a dedicated Fulfillment Director (FD) for smooth logistics operations. What do you think are the advantages of having a logistics expert FD?

When using other logistics centers or third-party logistics companies (3PL), there were often delays in receiving responses to inquiries, and resolving issues would take a considerable amount of time. There were instances where I had to ask different personnel from the 3PL logistics management for answers when unexpected situations arose, as the external company could not respond adequately to unforeseen circumstances. However, with Colosseum's logistics expert FD, I receive real-time feedback when I communicate my requests. This eliminates concerns about delays in deliveries and enhances overall logistics operations.

Furthermore, the FD is always proactive in understanding any unique logistics requirements when new online malls are scheduled to join, ensuring that they are aware of the specific shipping details before I am. Their expertise in consulting on all logistics aspects, from the current logistics process to future logistics processes, builds a sense of trust, and I feel confident in entrusting them with logistics operations at any time.

Currently, at 1centi, the product composition varies based on the purpose of events. Could you please elaborate on how you utilize the AI mapping feature of the COLO solution?

Skincare brand for moms and babies, 1centi

When selling products online, the composition of items often differs depending on the nature and characteristics of events. Consequently, even for the same product, frequent changes in product registration names occur with each event. For instance, in the case of planning a special event, to ensure accurate and error-free logistics for product distribution, a systematic revamping of logistics is essential. This helps minimize errors, especially in terms of types and quantities, during packaging. However, in the past, when using logistics outsourcing, a separate solution was not provided. During events, temporary modifications to product composition and additional explanations for product names were necessary.

The COLO logistics solution provided by Colosseum features an AI mapping function. This functionality enables automatic linking of identical products, even if registration names are altered. The system is designed with high operational flexibility, as it utilizes AI technology and machine learning to autonomously adapt to changes. Consequently, there is no need for manual instructions or updates for on-site logistics personnel. This minimizes inconvenience, particularly during events, making the solution highly effective.

For logistics professionals considering the adoption of Colosseum Fulfillment, could you share a few words?

When initially exploring logistics outsourcing, I was seeking a solution that would facilitate order collection through an in-house system rather than Excel uploads. Additionally, I was looking for a logistics management solution that would provide easy inventory management and flexible product registration.

Colosseum not only fulfills all the desired services but also provides a highly satisfying experience. Through the COLO solution, Colosseum has created a logistics environment that minimizes the time invested in logistics operations. Moreover, the integration of data has allowed for the design of more systematic logistics processes, enhancing convenience and efficiency compared to traditional methods.

If you aim to increase operational productivity with an e-commerce-optimized AI logistics solution, I strongly recommend considering Colosseum Fulfillment.