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EC Plaza, conveying the preciousness of meals


Hello, Could you introduce yourself and brand working for

Hello, I'm Park In-Gyu, the representative of EC Plaza. EC Plaza is a company located in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, operating an open market and its own mall.

What kind of products does EC Plaza mainly sell?

We primarily focus on parts related to electric pressure cookers and also sell kitchenware such as utensils and silicone products.

Was there a specific reason why EC Plaza decided to concentrate on kitchenware especially electric pressure cooker parts?

EC Plaza, conveying the preciousness of meals

We believed that there would be a consistent demand in the market for consumables related to the brand 'My Pot' parts that we handle. Moreover, the rise in homebound hours during the COVID-19 pandemic fostered a trend in home-cooked meals, resulting in increased demand and subsequent sales growth.

Does EC Plaza have any specific logistics handling characteristics for its main products?

Our company has specific logistics handling characteristics for its main products. Given the wide range of electric pressure cooker parts, precise inventory management is critical. Additionally, these parts are susceptible to impact, requiring special care during storage, handling, and packaging. Therefore, we place significant emphasis on packaging materials, utilizing air cushioning and sturdy boxes for electronics to prevent breakage

Why did you choose Colosseum?

EC Plaza, conveying the preciousness of meals

We had a struggle due to unaddressed issues with our previous 3PL provider.

For instance:
-Unilateral refusal at the site regarding requested incoming and outgoing quantities
-Absence of communication related to business tasks
-Damage and loss due to lax inventory management

These issues resulted in shipping delays and increased workload for sellers due to increased customer service needs. While minor errors can happen at warehouse sites, the lack of feedback for persistently recurring issues and the gradual neglect of management post-initial settling caused significant stress regarding logistics operations.

Amidst this, we coincidentally discovered Colosseum, a fulfillment company, online. During discussions, based on the understanding and empathy shown by the personnel towards 3PL site concerns, we decided to use their logistics consulting and site-based system optimized for our company.

Could you share an overall evaluation of Colosseum's service? How did things change before and after using our services?

The most convenient aspect was Colosseum's ability to flexibly handle sudden increases in incoming and outgoing requests, which is common in the logistics industry, especially when brands sell products on an open market. This is the biggest reason why we are highly satisfied with Colosseum.

- There is never an absence of a logistics expert in any situation.
- Real-time communication via messenger.
- Prompt presentation of solutions for logistics issues as they arise

To the decision-makers considering using Colosseum?

if you're facing stress caused by outdated and one-sided logistics operations and communication with your current 3PL provider, I highly recommend using Colosseum for its smart and systematic approach.