International growth, simplified

A global fulfillment solution to delight your customers,
everywhere around the world shipping with a range of partners and our own shipping provider.
We’ll take care of customs for you, while providing discounted shipping rates both inbound and outbound.

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The beginning of easy and precise global logistics

We offer tailored fulfillment at our globally specialized logistics center, perfectly suited to products and brands

Import-export specialized logistics center

Strategically situated near airports and seaports, serving as a vital hub for import and export logistics.

Import-export specialized warehouses

Bonded warehouse
Drop-shipping warehouse
GDC(Global Distribution Center) warehouse

Value-add packaging

From productization processes to global shipping delivery in a single streamlined operation.

From domestic to global international shipping, EMS, and forwarding integration, we offer a comprehensive range of delivery options.

International Express Delivery · EMS

US, Taiwan, Japan
Local shipping&courier

Air and sea import-export forwarding

We support the establishment of logistics processes optimized for each country’s distribution methods

Global logistics process setup between Korea and specific countries(US, Taiwan, Japan)

Import-export customs and clearance consulting

Service scope

  • Export-import clearance manuals
  • Customs document submission
  • Commodity inspection
  • Amendment of export-import declarations
  • Consulting on country of origin labeling

Enhanced data integrity throughout the entire distribution to delivery process using a cohesive end to end data architecture


Product Order


Real-time data integration for entire processes


Inbound Inventory Outbound


Building new models through data fusion




Establishing a predictable logistics environment

Delivering enhanced logistics experience through integrated data and AI

Workflow optimization

  • Picking and packing instructions through the analysis of location data

Route optimization

  • Optimal routing based on delivery destinations and dispatch status data analysis

Pkg materials optimization

  • Minimizing packaging materials through analysis of product volume and bundled packaging data

AI order mapping

  • Matching orders and inventory data using language-based descriptions instead of code data

Easy and convenient user-centric solution

All in one

Bringing together all stages of logistics, Integrated solution

  • Handling everything from orders to inventory, payments, and logistics all in one solution
  • Works for both local and global, B2C and B2B distribution methods
At a glance

Task-centric design for ease of use, Intuitive UI/UX

  • Easily achieve logistics tasks with just 10 clicks and 10 minutes per day
  • Designed for quick understanding, even by inexperienced users, enabling immediate practical use without errors

Minimizing human errors, Automated functions

  • Real-time inventory management with automated handling of expiration dates and safety stock
  • Automatically calculated logistics cost settlement based on usage

Customized solutions optimized for various distribution methods and operational environments


Korean domestic E-commerce

  • Focused on seller convenience and logistics coordination
  • Network-based logistics processing
COLO Global

Global E-commerce

  • On-Site logistics operation-centric
  • Enhancing efficiency of logistics processing on field

Micro fulfillment

  • Optimized for handling last-mile delivery
  • Transforming local market delivery through digitalization

Expand your business globally through Colosseum’s global logistics services

Women’s clothing and lifestyle brand

US Platforms and local offline retail logistics

  • After undergoing value-added processes at the Incheon fulfillment center, products were sent to the LA local center for continuous storage. Subsequently we were able fulfill orders from Amazon or local stores.

Global retailer of Korea consumer goods

Southeast Asia cross border logistics

  • We improved logistics efficiency by switching from using DHL or FedEx for delivery to a method involving LCL forwarding and coordinating with a local courier service for the final delivery.