Rappeler, Supporting a Healthy Life for Cancer Patients


Hello. Could you please introduce yourself?

Hello, I'm the manager of the e-commerce division at Rappeler, a health functional food brand.

Could you tell me about Rappeler? Please introduce the brand.

Rappeler, Supporting a Healthy Life for Cancer Patients

Supporting a healthy life for cancer patients, Rappeleris a healthcare brand manufacturing and selling health functional foods aimed at boosting the immune system of cancer patients. It was established with the goal of developing vitamin-based therapies and diagnostic kits for treatment.

Can you share the background of the creation of the brand Rappeler?

Rappeler, Supporting a Healthy Life for Cancer Patients

Rappeler, a health functional food brand supporting the healthy lives of cancer patients, started with Dr. Yeom Chang-hwan's extensive research. Dr. Yeom, previously a doctor, began in-depth vitamin research after a request from a terminal cancer patient at Kansas' Rio Dan Clinic. He founded the Korean Vitamin Research Society and conducted vitamin research in collaboration with various university professors. During this, he discovered innovative diagnostic methods and potential vitamin-based therapeutic substances.

The health functional food for cancer patients is impressive. What are the guiding principles for Rappeler it expands its brand?

Rappeler aims to restore weakened immunity due to factors like environmental pollution, unhealthy eating habits, and stress-induced ailments. The goal is to improve the quality of life for everyone, promoting health and beauty even if just for a day, ensuring a healthier tomorrow.

Could you talk about the flagship products of Rappeler?

Rappeler, Supporting a Healthy Life for Cancer Patients

Rappeler has three flagship products. Interbix 1316 Gold is a nutritional supplement designed to enhance immunity, containing beta-glucan, zinc, and selenium. It's a fine powder that easily dissolves in water, yogurt, or juice, allowing convenient consumption anytime, anywhere. It's free from synthetic additives, ensuring a safe recharge for weakened immunity.

Rappeler, Supporting a Healthy Life for Cancer Patients

Ocudi aids blood circulation, blood pressure, and acts as an antioxidant with Omega-3, Coenzyme Q10, and Vitamins D & E. It's a multifunctional premium health functional food offering various benefits. It uses rTG Omega-3 with removed saturated fatty acids and impurities, ensuring high purity and absorption in 100% plant-based capsules for easy digestion and absorption.

Rappeler, Supporting a Healthy Life for Cancer Patients

Celsius, made from flavonoid-derived quercetin and Vitamin P, specializes in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Quercetin, found in fruits and vegetables, suppresses harmful oxygen in our bodies. It's beneficial for those with irregular diets, high salt or high-calorie intake, or elderly individuals requiring regular nutrient intake. It includes the proteolytic enzyme bromelain, aiding quercetin's digestion, absorption, and inflammation reduction.

Who is the primary customer base for Rappeler? Any considerations in handling customer brand product distribution and logistics?

Rappeler mainly targets individuals above 40, especially those with weakened immunity due to various diseases, including cancer, hindering their normal lives. It's crucial to ensure clean and swift deliveries, avoiding customer exposure to germs or infections upon receiving products.

What types of logistics are typically used by your customers?

Rappeler, Supporting a Healthy Life for Cancer Patients

Rappeler conducts outgoing shipments through various platforms. Around 80% are B2C shipments, while approximately 20% are B2B. Additionally, we request combined packaging based on order quantities.

How was logistics previously managed, and what prompted the change in logistics procedures?

Previously, another 4PL company managed our e-commerce fulfillment. However, miscommunication was the primary reason for the change. In the logistics industry, prompt responses to frequent changes are crucial. Regrettably, the previous company lacked real-time communication, causing delays in resolving issues like missing orders and inventory discrepancies, which significantly eroded our trust in their logistics services.

Why did you choose to use Colosseum compared to other services?

Rappeler, Supporting a Healthy Life for Cancer Patients

During the initial meetings, Colosseum's detailed explanations about their warehouse and the services they could provide were impressive. They provided clear guidelines for operational aspects, like bulk packaging for individual orders or pallet operations for B2B shipments. Real-time communication was crucial due to past issues, and Colosseum's immediate responses from logistics experts were satisfying.

Colosseum assigns two dedicated logistics experts, known as a fd, based on customer needs. Have there been improvements in logistics processing?

Rappeler, Supporting a Healthy Life for Cancer Patients

The main improvement has been in real-time communication. The professionalism of the logistics experts has significantly increased trust in logistics operations. They propose effective logistics approaches aligned with Rappeler's policies and objectives, preventing most issues beforehand.

What do you find satisfying about using Colosseum's services?

"Accompanied by experts during warehouse visits helps understand the fulfillment process better. They explain processing steps, enhancing our understanding. They skillfully negotiate between the network logistics center and our requirements, facilitating smooth operations.

If you were to speak to someone considering using Colosseum's services, what would you say?

Rappeler highly values the safe delivery of products to customers. Colosseum, as a reliable logistics partner, efficiently handles requests according to our needs and offers suggestions to improve operational efficiency. Based on my positive experience with Colosseum, I believe considering their services will lead to a positive perception of logistics and high satisfaction.