Pet-specialized BIO-TECH company, Doocamedi.


Pet-specialized BIO-TECH company, Doocamedi

Hello, please introduce the brand.

Hello! Let me introduce Doocamedi. We are a BIO TECH brand that applies stem cell bio-research and development technology, which has always been focused on humans, to companion animals.

What are Doocamedi's main products?

Firstly, we have 'Cell Care Mist,' categorized as an animal-use over-the-counter medicine. It consists of stem cell culture fluid, EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), patented peptide ingredients, and 10 types of vitamins. It helps improve fundamental skin conditions in companion animals, addressing issues like moisture, keratinization, and redness in various skin areas when they occur.

Pet-specialized BIO-TECH company, Doocamedi

Additionally, we have 'Cell Care Drama LED,' categorized as an animal-use medical device. Cell Care Drama uses LED light to activate cells, aiding in skin disorder treatment and pain relief. It is particularly effective for improving the skin of double-coated or furry companion animals.

What sets Doocamedi apart in the field of companion animal BIO TECH?

Companion animals' skin is only about 1/3 the thickness of the maximum epidermal layer compared to humans. Due to the thin skin, skin disorders like moisture-related issues and keratinization occur more easily than in humans. For a healthy life, pet owners need to pay more attention.

Especially, when inflammation occurs, animals can't resist itching, leading to continuous scratching or licking, worsening skin disorders. Considering the busy lifestyles of modern individuals, Doocamedi's uniqueness in the companion animal BIO TECH field lies in developing products based on stem cell research used only for humans.

These products have received EWG green grades and official approvals as animal-use medical devices and over-the-counter medicines. They aim to minimize the inconvenience of pet owners visiting animal hospitals, allowing for simple at-home care.

One feature of Doocamedi's Cell Care Mist is that it's developed using bio-materials. Can you talk about the characteristics of bio-materials used and any precautions during handling or delivery?

Pet-specialized BIO-TECH company, Doocamedi

One prominent bio-material used by Doocamedi is stem cell culture fluid. This fluid not only effectively aids in the growth of animal-use over-the-counter medicine but also synergizes with other ingredients such as EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), enhancing the condition of companion animals' skin and making the skin barrier more robust.

To maintain the highest quality, it's essential to handle bio-material-added liquid over-the-counter medicines the same as regular products. The only difference is that you should be cautious about preventing moisture from accumulating inside the product due to temperature differences inside and outside the product. Because of the nature of bio-materials, if moisture accumulates, the concentration of the material may become diluted.

Therefore, storage methods, avoiding direct sunlight penetration, environmental considerations in logistics centers, and moisture prevention during fulfillment operations are crucial.

Currently, you're using Colosseum's logistics outsourcing service. What led you to choose logistics outsourcing instead of in-house logistics, and why did you choose Colosseum's fulfillment services?

Doocamedi conducts various events to meet customer needs. During events such as live commerce, sampling, and offline franchised stores, the product composition varies depending on delivery destinations and events.

For example, when planning events, Doocamedi's flagship product, the mist, is the main product for shipment, and shampoos are only distributed as samples. Customizing the product composition for each event was challenging. As people's preferences become more diverse, and the need for diverse event planning grows, to streamline our workflow, we decided that fulfillment services could be a good alternative for efficiency. We chose Colosseum's fulfillment services due to its flexibility in handling varying event compositions.

What was the reason for choosing Colosseum Fulfillment specifically, not other fulfillment providers?

Before using Colosseum, we used another third-party logistics (3PL) fulfillment service. Initially, the purpose was to streamline operations through automated solutions, but most providers, including the one we used, offered programs with many restricted functions.

Additionally, these programs had difficulties in smooth integration, causing inconvenience. It was during a pet exhibition that we first learned about Colosseum. We found it more convenient for logistics operations and believed that with Colosseum's in-house development of AI logistics solutions, we could update features and address errors promptly.

You mentioned the in-house development of an AI logistics solution as a reason for choosing Colosseum Fulfillment. Have you experienced increased operational efficiency using the COLO solution?

Pet-specialized BIO-TECH company, Doocamedi

Personally, I find the AI material mapping feature to be extremely effective in reducing work time. This feature automatically maps the products and materials when shipping products.

By uploading the appropriate-sized materials for the products into the COLO system, the system automatically maps the products and materials according to the situation. What used to take over 30 minutes for shipping now takes just 10 minutes. This efficiency is likely because Colosseum Fulfillment, being a logistics outsourcing provider, has a specialized solution team that can provide advanced logistics solutions.

The user-friendly UI/UX of the COLO solution is another advantage. The system's terms were intuitive, unlike the external providers we used before. Colosseum tailored the UI/UX to the needs of users, focusing on enhancing the efficiency of those directly involved in logistics.

Can you stipulate which aspects of the UI/UX of the COLO solution you find user-friendly?

When using a 3PL logistics outsourcing provider that purchased and provided programs externally, the system terms were not intuitive. Additionally, the system was designed without an understanding of logistics, making manual or Excel-based work more manageable than using the system. In contrast, COLO has configured user-friendly UI/UX tailored to the needs of users in the domestic logistics environment.

The visual features are clear, and the system uses terms that are easy to understand for people without logistics experience. This makes it intuitive and straightforward, offering a significant advantage.

Colosseum provides a dedicated logistics expert FD for each customer. Is there any aspect of communication with your assigned FD that you found satisfying?

As the delivery of products is a crucial factor in determining a brand's first impression, I, as a company owner, cannot overlook the logistics aspect. During the transportation process, dust sometimes accumulated on the products after several transit procedures.

We received customer claims regarding this issue, so we informed Colosseum's logistics operation FD about it. In response, they promptly implemented a solution by changing the logistics processing procedure. Before conducting network logistics center (warehouse) packaging, they began performing cleaning operations to remove dust from the product surface.

While this may seem trivial, it reflects Colosseum's dedication to providing the best quality. Their immediate response to feedback ensures we can create a positive first impression for our customers.

A final word for those considering using Colosseum's services.

If you are seeking not just a logistics outsourcing service but a provider with advanced AI technology and specialized logistics capabilities, one that can enhance operational efficiency while designing a systematic logistics process, I recommend Colosseum Fulfillment.