Global K-Beauty brand, BAZZAAL


Global K-Beauty brand, BAZZAAL

Greetings to you, our esteemed representative. Allow me to introduce BAZZAAL.

Global K-Beauty brand, BAZZAAL

Greetings. We are BAZZAAL Company, operating as a global influencer marketing agency for K-beauty brands aspiring for international expansion. Additionally, we manage BAZZAAL BOX, an influencer-curated beauty box e-commerce platform.

What defines BAZZAAL?

'BAZZAAL' provides a comprehensive global influencer marketing solution for K-beauty brands seeking international expansion. With our headquarters in South Korea and a remote team in the United States, we collaborate with a diverse range of influencers, from English-speaking nano influencers to mega influencers with over three million followers. Our collaborations encompass various campaigns, from influencer seeding to beauty box curation with mega influencers.

We proudly hold partnerships with over 60 renowned domestic brands such as Sulwhasoo, Aromatica, COSRX, HANSKIN, Rohto Mentholatum, Ppeum, and VPLASN. Presently, we have collaborated with around 2,000 global influencers. Our flagship program, the 'Influencer Beauty Box,' involves influencers curating products directly, assembling them into boxes, and offering them at significantly discounted prices worldwide.

Could you share how BAZZAAL was founded?

Before founding BAZZAAL, I worked for several companies involved in distributing and marketing K-beauty in the North American market. I successfully facilitated the entry of over a hundred domestic beauty brands into major U.S. department stores and beauty retailers.

Seeking opportunities beyond distribution, particularly in branding and marketing, I decided to leave my position at a company about three years ago. Subsequently, I contributed to the establishment of the NX Accelerator, aimed at promoting Nivea (Beiersdorf) in the domestic beauty market. I also played a role in projects that introduced domestic beauty brands globally during the early stages of WWD Korea's launch.

Amidst the challenges posed by the decline in offline market sales due to the pandemic, the rise of social media marketing and the growth of BAZZAAL's business model aligned, leading me to my current position.

Could you showcase the products you sell?

We collaborate with globally renowned influencers to curate products directly chosen by them, assembling them into packaged box formats for worldwide sales. These boxes are sold to consumers at a 60-70% discounted rate, with free shipping worldwide. Currently, we've sold these boxes in over 100 countries, totaling more than 10,000 units.

Are there any logistical challenges specific to the products you sell?

Given that multiple brands' products are combined in one box, and with thousands of units shipped monthly, ensuring the accurate verification and packaging of box components is quite meticulous. Additionally, operating an add-ons program alongside the boxes requires precise packaging of box contents and additional items, making accuracy crucial.

Considering the international shipping aspect, proper labeling and customs documentation are essential.

Is there any particular aspect that your team needs to pay special attention to?

Global K-Beauty brand, BAZZAAL

With the concept of flash sales where specific package boxes sell in a short period, we follow the principle of pre-packaging boxes and ensuring same-day delivery for each order. Hence, careful schedule management is crucial. Moreover, as we handle the labeling process for the DHL shipments we use, proper label management is also vital.

Why did you decide to use a logistics outsourcing service?

As the volume of our shipments increased, and with a diverse range of products in each box, managing these aspects systematically became challenging. We recognized the need for a system that could handle this effectively and efficiently.

Why did you choose Colosseum?

In our search for a logistics provider that can handle direct international deliveries, we discovered Colosseum through online searches about 2-3 years ago (though my memory is a bit hazy). The initial visit to the warehouse, along with the introduction by warehouse staff explaining the process, was well thought out and greatly appreciated.

The director and manager I met during that visit, along with the discussions we had, left a strong impression. Colosseum wasn't just a warehouse but a startup that utilized technology to advance and streamline small to medium-sized warehouses through solutions. This made us think it would be an excellent partnership.

Could you provide an overall evaluation of Colosseum?

During the early stages, I used my home as a warehouse, personally handling all packaging and shipping. As the volume increased and the company expanded about two years ago, using Colosseum became a consistent choice. Since then, our monthly logistics volume has increased by over 900%, but with Colosseum's assistance, we can easily handle incoming and outgoing tasks without logistics concerns.

Areas for improvement to aid Colosseum's development?

From a shipper's perspective, during periods of significantly increased shipment volumes, collaboration with the warehouse becomes crucial. Predictive systems for shipment volume during these periods, along with manpower support, would be highly beneficial. Additionally, having real-time monitoring of logistics center operations through videos or images would enhance trust and competitiveness in the market.

How do you assess the collaboration with Colosseum's operations manager?

The ability to share information promptly through messenger applications with all staff members is highly satisfactory. Handling additional shipping requests for individual orders can be operationally challenging, requiring quick sharing of labels and details, and Colosseum consistently manages this well. We appreciate the attention and care shown in this aspect.

If there's one task you find most satisfying with Colosseum, what would it be?

One of the most satisfying tasks is our monthly Beauty Box project. The launch-to-sales period is extremely short, around one month. Accurately coordinating product shipments during this period is practically challenging. However, Colosseum understands this aspect well, schedules in advance, and efficiently manages the entire process, reducing our stress even with high shipment volumes.

What are your future plans?

Global K-Beauty brand, BAZZAAL

Our plan is to continuously expand the Beauty Box project. We aim to launch more signature beauty boxes exclusive to BAZZAAL, in addition to collaborating with more influencers.

A word for the personnel considering Colosseum services?

If you are seeking a partner to share your logistics concerns and find solutions together, I highly recommend reaching out to Colosseum for logistics consulting. It's the quickest way to explore logistics plans and costs optimized for your business, considering it's tailored to your needs.